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Titan Shield Security is one of the leading security consulting companies in Israel. With a wide range of consultants in varied expertise, Titan Shield offers an array of land & maritime protection services. The firm assists states, companies & ports to improve  land & maritime border security and the protection of their assets and employees from risks that is caused by terror and other threats.

Our Team:

Titan Shield provides a wide range of security consulting services, tailored for the clients' need. The consultants of Titan Shield Security include experts who have served Naval and elite special operations units in the IDF, trained and qualified to act against all kinds of threats at sea and land. Our experts have rich experience from various operational areas.


Titan Shield is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to offer security services and consulting. Our consultants are qualified by the National Security Unit College of Management directed by the Israeli Police Department.

Projects and Services:

When hired, Titan Shield is involved at every stage of the project to ensure effective security and risk mitigation. When required, Titan Shield security team works with the local Navy and Coastguard to resolve the issue. In addition, the company also provides extensive marine security training and offers consultancy, training, and support to fight against various threats.


Titan Shield was established by Commander (Res.) Nadav Kaminer, a recently retired officer who has completed 23 years of operational service in the Israeli Navy. Commander Kaminer specializes in various operational procedures and specifications in the navel field with expertise in Maritime Routine Security Measures and in Special Ops. 


Our Clients

Among our global clients are The Israeli Navy, Defense Departments, Military Organizations, Private Security Services, Law Enforcement Organizations, Civil Centers, and Security Industries in Israel and around the world.

​Our offices are located in Israel, but our services are given Worldwide.

Please contact us for more information and CV of each of our specialists.
Nadav Kaminer
Founder and CEO,
Maritime Border Security Specialist

Commander (res.) retired from the Navy in 2019 , the last position was the CDR OF THE COASTAL PROTECTION SQUADRON and continues to engage in reserve service in the Israeli Navy. Nadav has a BA in Middle Eastern and Multidisciplinary Studies as well as an MA in National Security (Political Science) from the University of Haifa. 

Nadav has extensive operational experience in the Navy's C2 setup, along with rich experience in the field of defining operational needs in combat systems, formulating, drafting, and assimilating/implementing CONOPS and working procedures in the field of coastal detection and control. 

Nadav has broad experience in identifying organizational needs, and formulating creative operational solutions for protecting maritime boundaries, marine assets and ports.

Nadav has commanded a large number of operational units active in these areas, and has participated in numerous operational activities.

Today Nadav is a speacial advisor for the Israeli Navy.


Nadav graduated a Security Manager course at the National Security College in Israel and certified for operating and managing an outdoor  mass events. 

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Daniel Amir
Inland Security Expert and Senior Instructor

Daniel Amir is one of the founders of the company and a senior consultant for a varied security issues.  

Daniel retired from the police after 21 years at service and 5 years of service in national service.


Daniel served in number of roles at the Israeli police department: investigation, detection, and a sapper in the bomb squad unit. Daniel was the head of several bomb-squad units in the Israeli police department and in the personalities security unit in prime minister's office, he participated in the secure of several prime ministers. 


Today Daniel is an expert instructor and bomb technition expert in the private sector and in the highest and exclusive security colleges in Israel and considered one of best instructor in the field.

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