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We are the local representative of Beacon Interactive systems

With a longstanding record of continuous innovation, Beacon, a US-based digital innovator, is a valued and rapidly growing non-traditional defense contractor addressing national security needs for the US Department of Defense, its partners and allies.

The company's key innovation, the Beacon Digital Platform, spans the Operations and Sustainment lifecycle with integrated capabilities addressing Asset Maintenance, Operational Logging, Energy Management and Innovation Management. 

With a focus on the transformative effects of digitizing work, Beacon’s products drive operational efficiency and visibility ensuring safe, secure and sustainable operations


We deliver Beacon's Digital Platform fundamentally transforms how work is performed across operations, maintenance and sustainment activities. The integrated capabilities enable organizations to proactively manage and act on operational needs at the intersection of people, process, equipment, current operating conditions and previous performance. 

Its a great honor and privilege to be a part of the inovation of Beacon platform marketing and service, in the global market as a local representative.


We invite you to contact us and be a part of the Beacon and Titan Shield family  

With Shenhav Ruttner - Global Markets in Beacon Interactive Systems
at the  agreement signing event 
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