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Our team is combined from the top specialist, mastering in security services and consulting at sea and land.
Commander (res.) Nadav Kaminer 
Founder and CEO
Maritime Border Security Specialist.

Commander (res.) Nadav Kaminer retired from the Navy in 2019 and continues to engage in reserve service in the Israeli Navy. Nadav has a BA in Middle Eastern and Multidisciplinary Studies as well as an MA in National Security (Political Science) from the University of Haifa. 

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Daniel Amir
Inland Security Expert and Senior Instructor

Daniel Amir is one of the founders of the company and a senior consultant for a varied security issues. Daniel retired from the police after 26 years at service.

Dr. Tal Tovi
Military Strategies Consultant and Director

Dr Tal Tovi is a renowned researcher in the field of Military History and Strategies.

Dr. Tovy teaches the next generation of IDF leaders, within the framework of the IDF Military Academy MALTAK and is an important and unique part of the officers' training.

Commander (res.) Shay Dagan
Operational Intelligence Specialist

Colonel (res.) Shay Dagan retired from the IDF after 28 years of service. Dagan Specializes in converting intelligence and operational information into recommendations for action.

Lieutenant Colonel Asaf Harati
Founder and CEO of G.T.A.I Creative Solutions 

Colonel Harati specializes in planing and fulfilling complex site protection assessment and security.  

Commander (res) Ido Kaufman
Underwater Activities Consultant

Commander Kaufman retired from the Israeli Navy after 27 years on service. He is a senior diving instructor and fighter who specializes in Deep Diving Systems Management and Marine sabotage.

Commander (res) Keren Klein
Military Logistic Specialist

Commander Klein is a senior consultant in the Military and Security Logistic field with broad experience in the IDF and H.L.S agencies.

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Captain (res) Asi Ben Hamo
Expert in Operating Vessels and Fleet Management

Recently retired from a long service in The Israeli Navy, Ben Hamo specializes in operating naval vessels and fleet management.

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