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 We offer a wide range of services tailored for your needs

Security and defense has become the main concern of companies, governments and low enforcement agencies. It became a great challenge because a lot of reasons among others: globalization, daring, available technology, creativity, dual-use of products, sophistication, fanaticism, etc. The maritime domain is an extremely challenging environment, especially when dealing with the need to secure it. Threats can be either aerial, maritime surface or underwater. Whether it is the protection of a maritime border between countries or the need to protect a gas-oil rigs, (production or drilling), islands or other marine assets, big events or just an institutions security, we have the relevant experts.


Our service begins with understanding the customer's needs, conducting a survey and preparing a list of potential relevant, threats to the location. This is followed by preparation of appropriate, proposed responses for each threat; the response also includes a proposal to acquire detection and identification means, interceptors, appropriate weapon systems, and of course the formulation of procedures and operational methods.

Support for security industry projects

Support for security industry projects

Protection of Maritime Borders, Assets and Ports
The coastal area, and of course the ports and marinas, are sensitive areas that are under constant threat of criminal and terror activity. Many of the heavy industry, power stations and other strategic sites are located along the shore; In addition to that , in many countries most of the population is spread along it also. The ports are a very significant elements in countries economy. Sometimes most of the import - export activities and tourism traffic are from the sea. Maritime assets (gas rigs, islands etc.) are a challenging elements to deal with because of the location and the sensitive activity that occur over there. These facts makes these areas very vulnerable and need to be actively protected, including the use of intelligence, threat detection and interception. Another challenge in protecting these facilities is the involvement of a large number of law enforcement agencies operating in these areas (civilian police, navy, coast guard, customs, narcotics units etc.).

Our service begins with understanding the needs, conducting a survey and preparing a list of potential relevant threats to the designated beach/marina or port. Subsequently, we engage in preparing appropriate proposed responses for each threat; the response also includes a proposal to procure the appropriate obstacles, detection and identification means, interceptors, suitable weapon systems, and of course the formulation of operational procedures and methods, especially in view of the need to cooperate with other organizations.


Mass Participation Event Security
Mass participation events by definition are events with a large volume of participants and they are often held across extremely large areas. There is a very significant challenge in securing events of this magnitude, as it is necessary to allow free movement of visitors/participants to the event, while conducting a risk and security assessment at the event.

Our service will begin many months before the date on which the event takes place. Firstly, we will ensure that we have a complete, overall understanding of the nature of the event and the client's need, and only then conduct a survey of reference threats, together with the local authority (police, etc.) and understand the organization's operating practices. We will then prepare proposals that address each of the threats, including conducting a calculated risk assessment to focus on the major threats.

As part of the suggested proposals for a response, we will recommend the acquisition of appropriate equipment and infrastructure, including obstacles, weapon systems as well as detection and identification means, drugs & weapons monitoring tools, and so on. In addition to all of these, we will suggest those operational instructions and procedures that support the selected security method. This will clearly take place in parallel to efforts to connect with and foster mutual understanding between the local enforcement authorities.

Our consultants are qualified by the National Security Unit College for Management A Facilities Security & Outdoor Events, directed by the Israeli Police Department.


Securing Institutions and Organizations
The growing number of terrorist attacks and attempts around the world has led to an accompanying need to improve and focus security on government institutions, various organizations, shopping centers, etc.

Our company is engaged in an ongoing effort to accomplish all of this.

The first stage is for us to fully understand what the customer desires along with his security objective. We will then conduct a survey of relevant threats to the facility along with the client to understand the challenges. Next, consultants on our behalf will adapt a response for the client to the overall spectrum of threats and recommend the desired solutions (infrastructure, obstacles, monitoring tools, work procedures, etc.).


Accompanying the Client in the Purchase of Equipment and Infrastructure

For all security and protection issues we deal with, should there be a need to install new equipment or infrastructure, the customer will naturally purchase from those companies with whom he seeks to do business. However, our company will be able to recommend different companies in the world according to the various fields of activity, and after the client has entered into a contractual relationship with the company, we are also able to prepared and represent the client and recommend the type of equipment, quantities etc.


Underwater Activity

The underwater domain is a very complex and challenging medium.

Any activity taking place underwater, whether it involves infrastructure work and maintenance of naval vessels-facilities or  mining threat, is an area that requires a great deal of professional knowledge (in addition to the knowledge required when dealing with the same topic on the sea surface). We have experienced consultants specializing in this issues, who will work with the client to understand its needs, and to identify the professional and operational shortcomings or vulnerabilities.

Once the needs are understood, the company will be able to recommend to the client the technical and operational solutions to these shortcomings, and will also be able to provide instruction and training to the client's staff. It is very important that in the process, in addition to the need to find a technical technological/operational response, is necessary to ensure that they are fully assimilated and correctly implemented by providing the requisite instruction for the client's teams.


Support of Security Industry Projects

The defense industries employ representatives in many areas, who are involved in project management and implementation. In many cases, there is an ad hoc need for professional manpower to accompany a project , and this is precisely where we step in.

In our company, professional consultants are employed in many fields who are able to accompany a project and support it according to the client's (industry) need. This type of service includes understanding the customer's needs from the industry, what response is provided to the customer by the industry, the industry's accompanying support to the customer when receiving the equipment, integrating and introducing work procedures and more.


Planning and Conducting Exercises and Training 

Operational activities of security organizations, armies, police forces and law enforcement agencies , require appropriate equipment and infrastructure, and of course correct work procedures. This entire mechanism cannot work without appropriate drills and training and at the right frequency. In addition, it is imperative to put the teams to test by carrying out well-structured surprise drills that will test both operational readiness and the requisite professional level.

Our service includes assistance and guidance in determining the frequency and nature of exercises and training, in accordance with the available resources: time, budget, and manpower, planning of tactical and surprise exercises, (including guidance in coordinating the various agencies for safety purposes). 

First stage- understanding the required achievements in the exercise. 

Second stage- exercise planning according to customer requirements. 

Third stage– conducting an exercise - the exercise can be carried out with units acting on our behalf, or with teams on behalf of the client, under the supervision and guidance of consultants on our behalf. 

Fourth stage- conducting a debriefing and lesson learning with the client and for him.



Professional Lectures and Instruction Sessions

Security is a field of great interest that touches on almost every aspect of daily life.

Many organizations hold seminars and various security conferences.

Our consultants are an apt choice to appear at these conferences and seminars, and present diverse topics in the security fields we deal with, and according to the context of the specific conference to which we are invited.

The lectures include professional presentations, videos and tangible, real-life examples. In addition, our representatives may be invited for professional lectures in a wide range of fields for enriching knowledge or teaching staff in professional security bodies (e.g., sabotage lectures for policing teams, or land-based security).

Cyber Protection

Cyber Protection Services protects businesses against the cyber threats that evolve daily. Our certified experts work with your unique technical needs to secure your data with the latest techniques and best practices. We are ready to help develop cybersecurity strategies for not only digital self-defense but proactive measures to teach you how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber-crime.

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